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The CURE Auto insurance company got its start in 1990 in the state of New Jersey. In the decade prior; New Jersey had seen some of the highest auto insurance quotes in the country; combined with some of the most stringent auto insurance legislation. This made insurers reluctant to write any new polices at anything even approaching a reasonable rate; as their focus lay on ever-shrinking profit margins. A joint effort from the former state insurance commissioner James Sheeran and insurance expert Dr. Lena Chang led to the formation of the New Jersey Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange (NJCURE); which focused exclusively on providing affordable auto insurance to the citizens of New Jersey State.

The CURE Auto auto insurance model worked so well that the company soon moved outside of the state and into the larger and more treacherous world of national service. There; too; the company was well-received; owing to a unique blend of policy and practice that set it apart from other agencies. There are two features that help CURE Auto auto insurance stand out from the crowd – the first being the elimination of insurance agents. By taking the agent out of the equation and centralizing their operations in Princeton; CURE Auto strives to keep the costs to its members down by eliminating the fees and commissions associated with brokers and agents. As well; since all business is handled directly by the corporate office; there is never any confusion about products or services; or the padding of claims or premiums for agent benefit.

One other feature that sets CURE Auto apart is that it functions as a non-for-profit organization. It is not a charity; but nor does it have any outside investors which it is trying to satisfy. As a result; all surplus premiums collected by insured clients are simply re-invested into the company itself; making it that much more efficient and helping to lower consumer costs even further. CURE is very clear about its stance on both how an insurance company should be run; and what criteria should be used to set premiums. CURE Auto refuses to use items such as credit scores; home ownership or occupation as determining factors when auto insurance rates are calculated. Instead; the company focuses on how its drivers actually drive in order to assess premiums. This allows the company to offer excellent rates to safe drivers; regardless of their financial or employment situation. Their dedication to central service; a lack of focus on profit and low rates for excellent drivers has made CURE a popular choice for American motorists.

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