21st Century Insurance Company

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Originally based in California under the name “20th Century Insurance” in the late 1950s, 21st Century Insurance was founded by Louis W. Foster primarily as an inter-insurance exchange that offered auto insurance. The company was bought by AIG in 2005 and owned by them until 2009, when Farmers Insurance Group purchased it and branded it as a subsidiary company. Currently, they are widely known for their sale of 21st Century Auto Insurance through direct transactions without any agents and offer numerous types of insurance at both competitive prices and coverage. 21st Century currently covers over 2 million vehicles and 20 million customers throughout the United States and is one of the largest personal auto insurance companies in the state of California.

21st Century Insurance provides a plethora of customizable insurance options for their customers ranging from homeowner’s insurance to automobile insurance. In consideration of their clients, their auto insurance information center gives comprehensive details about the types of auto insurance available to those wishing to purchase auto insurance, which shows their excellent customer service. 21st Century Auto Insurance also allows their clients to purchase a policy of insurance 24 hours a day throughout the year. The widely known homeowner’s insurance offers unique discounts and benefits in regard to buying their policies, like a 10% discount on the homeowner’s insurance, full replacement cost coverage for one’s home and personal property, and several payment options to fit the customer’s needs. Even their 21st Century Classic Auto Program insurance policy boasts both competitive rates and coverage for those wishing to cover their treasured classic model vehicles as well.

Another notable feature of the company is their offering of the Personal Umbrella Insurance service that gives the client added liability protection over the additional assets that the homeowners and automobile insurance may not cover. This is especially useful for those in a well established position or who own assets outside of the primary residence that are covered under the homeowner’s policy. This enables the client to cover a wide area of his or her assets with a common protection by 21st Century Insurance and is only offered by a few other home and auto insurance companies.

21st Century Insurance also plays a major role in the community. Around $3 million was raised by the company in order to donate to the Union Rescue Mission, as well as $1.8 million raised for the United Way Campaign over a 5 year period. 21st Century also promoted child safety awareness in conjunction with the California Highway Patrol by initializing local events and developments in the state of California.