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When shopping for affordable auto insurance quotes, keep in mind that there is so much more to auto insurance plans than the price of your premium. Besides offering different types of plans (such as Comprehensive, Collision or Liability), online car insurance companies also vary in the kinds of perks and discounts they offer, depending on your vehicle and its specs. While many car insurance companies tout many of these perks as benefits you get “with no extra cost,” you are still actually paying for the service – the cost is merely factored into your premium.

Factors To Consider When Auto Insurance Quote Shopping

Consider these elements when shopping for affordable auto insurance quotes:

  • Coverage – How Much Do You Need? Preparing your budget entails being knowledgeable regarding what kind of coverage you require, what you desire, and then selecting a plan based upon what you can afford. If cheap car insurance is your objective, be certain you select plans that will fulfill all of your requirements. Also, pay close attention to the plan’s insurance limits. For an identical price, some online insurance companies will provide higher limits.
  • Out of Pocket Claims – How Much Can You Afford? Many online car insurance plans include coverage that is optional and will protect you in case your vehicle is damaged, such as coverage for uninsured motorists, comprehensive and collision coverage. When you opt to be covered under these kinds of plans, you will be asked to pay a specific out-of-pocket amount, called a deductible, before your insurance will step in to help finance expenses. Be sure your deductible is something that you will be able to afford in the case that you do have to make a claim.


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