AARP Insurance

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Turning 50 is a major milestone. You have survived many of life’s conflicts, you are more confident about yourself than you were at age 20, and you’re now old enough to join AARP. Founded in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus (1884- 1967), a California educator, this non-governmental organization, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, was formed to improve the quality of life for working and retired people ages 50 and older. It is a powerful group that lobbies in Washington D.C. on behalf of its 40 million members.

Members of this nonprofit association can get access to mutual funds as well as receive discounts on medicine, cruises, hotels, and clothing, to name a few. This organization also offers various types of insurance, such as auto insurance.

The AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford differs from other insurance companies because it’s specifically for drivers ages 50 and beyond. Thus, your age saves you money. Some members claimed they saved up to $300 after switching to this mature aged insurance company. Regular auto insurance companies, on the other hand, charge older drivers higher rates – resulting in no savings. Although some people see this as age discrimination, the insurance companies reason that middle aged drivers are more accident prone than younger drivers.

AARP auto insurance is customized to fit the needs of older drivers. For example, when an older driver has several accidents, a regular insurance company will not hesitate to cancel their insurance policy. With AARP’s insurance, however, your policy is not canceled. Their insurance coverage only cancels unpaid policies. Also, losing your driver’s license, driving under the influence, or the inability to drive can also cause a policy cancellation.

Drivers who use this insurance company can also save money by taking a driver safety test. This can decrease your insurance rate by ten percent. Furthermore, this discount is sustainable for three years.

A six point claim guarantee is also available through this insurance. With this guarantee, claims can be provided during any day and time, including holidays. This claim guarantee also covers a lifetime repair warranty. In addition, if your new car is a total loss within either 15 months or 15,000 miles of purchase, this insurance will pay for the replacement cost for a new vehicle.

Members insured by this mature age auto insurance company are provided with online services for billing and customer service. So, your questions never have to go unanswered or wait until the next business day. Mature drivers are the main and only focus with this insurance company as they work to serve their customers.