Allstate Insurance Company

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Allstate was founded in 1931 as part of Roebuck & Company. The company later became independent and publicly traded in 1993. It is now the largest publicly traded personal lines insurer in the United States. Allstate now insures one out of every nine cars on the road today. The company holds an elite status as a Fortune 100 company, with over $133 billion in total assets. It sells over a dozen types of personal insurance; including Allstate auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, commercial underwriting and life insurance. Allstate is also known as a major reputable handler of retirement services. The company also covers banking services to its customers. Allstate employs more than 70,000 people; mainly agents and brokers. They have a strong commitment to diversity in business; 30% of their employees are minorities and 58.2% are women. Whatsmore, Allstate is known for being a friendly work environment for employees with special needs; like mothers who may want to job-share and the disabled. Allstate is one of the top employers in the US.

Allstate customers come from every walk of life. More than 17 million households in America have some kind of insurance or service from Allstate. The company is known for its quality customer service. They also advertise themselves as customer-oriented; particularly with their auto insurance coverage. They offer programs such as Accident Forgiveness, where even if an auto accident is the customer’s fault they will not receive a penalty on their insurance policy, and a Safe Driver Bonus makes customers a priority. Other programs like Deductible Rewards are enticing to customers and make Allstate a popular insurance company with consumers. It is no wonder many people flock to Allstate in order to get their cars insured and to ensure they are protected.

Allstate auto insurance is also widely known for its customer service toward young and teen drivers. Allstate has a teen driver program that promotes driver education. Teen drivers can be eligible for discounts by taking advantage of Allstate’s or another company’s driver education program and by having and maintaining a good grade point average at school. Allstate also promotes communication between teen drivers, their parents and their families with their Allstate Teen-Driver Contract. The Contract’s purpose is to set reasonable limits for teen drivers about their driving behavior while at the same time keeping their parents or family members informed about their driving habits. Allstate anticipates that this program will make teen drivers, who are the group most likely to be killed in an auto accident, safer drivers as teenagers and then as adults.