Actual Cash Value

Insurance companies have a system for calculating how much money they will pay out in case of a totaled car. In the event of an accident, drivers make claims on their auto insurance policies to avoid paying the costs of damages and replacements on their own. That is why people buy insurance, because car accidents are expensive and inconvenient. Car insurance ACV is one of the things that the driver should keep in mind when looking at their coverage. ACV stands for Actual Cash Value and is what your insurance policy will pay out if you need to file a claim to replace your car after an accident. It is important to understand what this means and how it affects the driver.

Cars sometimes need to be replaced after a serious accident. Your car insurance policy will not just write you a check for the price you paid for your car, though. Factors kick in as soon as you drive the car off of the lot that lowers the value of your vehicle. Car insurance ACV is determined by taking these factors like depreciation into account when deciding how much they will pay to replace a car. A car insurance company will pay to repair a car instead of paying to replace one if the amount of money it takes to repair is lower than the amount of money it will take to replace. If the insurance company decides to replace the car, the actual cash value comes into play.

The actual cash value of a vehicle is the cost to replace with a new car that is of comparable kind and quality. They subtract depreciation from the total amount to determine how much they actually send to you in the event you need a replacement car. They do not have to provide you with enough to get a car that is the exact same as the one you lost, just their assessment of how much your car was worth at the time of the incident. Cars lose some of their cash value as soon as they are sold and progressively lose more cash value the longer they are driven by the owner.

Car insurance ACV is important to understand when it is part of your policy. Car insurance companies do provide what they deem a fair price to replace the vehicle with one that is comparable to the one you currently have insured. The money that they give policyholders can be put toward a new car or used to pay for an entire new car if the policyholder chooses a car that is covered in that amount provided. Talk with your agent about the cash value of your vehicle.