Insurance claims are notification to insurers on behalf of the insured that the insurer is requesting payment based on the terms of the insurance policy the claimant holds. Insurance policies can cover a number of contingencies including death, theft and fire damage. Receiving the money that the policy stipulates is not as easy as filing a claim. Car insurance claims typically revolve around damage done to a vehicle in an accident.

Claims can be filed by the insured, or the insured can have an agent or broker do it on their behalf. Once the claim reaches the insurance company, they are categorized base on damages. Claims adjusters are experienced in working with the insured to decide if the policy covers what happened and how much it covers.

First the validity of the claim is determined. This is done to see if any money should be paid out based on the policy through an investigation that involves interviews of parties involved and any documentation, medical/police, that might be relevant. For example, if there is theft of an item from a car, but the insurance policy has no mention of covering such a theft the claim will be dismissed.

If the adjuster determines that the policy does cover the incident, they will negotiate with the claimant to come to an agreement. Often car insurance claims end one of two choices, the adjuster determines the cost of repairing the car and the insurance company will pay for the repairs, or the insured can take a smaller cash settlement.

In order to file a claim easily and efficiently, it is best for someone in an accident or who has experienced something that their policy might cover to call their insurer as soon as possible. A representative of the insurance company can tell you what documents you will need to file a claim. You will also need to tell them the time and place of the incident. Photos and a police report can be helpful to the adjuster in making their determinations. Car insurance claims can involve more than only the cost of repairs. They typically also include medical reimbursement, so keeping track of those expenses can be vital as well. The amount of time it takes to process a claim can vary based on what has happened.

Car insurance claims can cover any number of unexpected and unwelcome incidents. There are different types of insurance that will cover these diverse risks and allow the victim to file an insurance claim and undo some of the damage that was done. Vandalism, burglary, damage from natural disaster and damage from an accident can all be covered by insurance.