Continuously Insured

When you apply for a new car insurance policy, the length of time of your continuous car insurance could help lower your initial payments and deductible. Continuously insured drivers represent significantly reduced insurance risks in the eyes of the companies that underwrite their policies. Many drivers who let their car insurance expire not only risk running afoul of the law and exposing themselves to catastrophic financial exposure in the event of a collision, they also can expect to experience an increase in rates since letting a previous policy expire signals a certain amount of reckless imprudence on the part of the policy holder. That is why it is wise for drivers to maintain an inexpensive transferable car insurance policy that covers them as drivers of other cars if they plan to live without a car for a while.

It is very important to be continuously insured and to never experience any coverage gaps. During those coverage gaps, you expose yourself to a tremendous amount of risk that could ruin your life financially. It is impossible to know when a calamitous event will occur, so you must make sure that you are continuously insured against all types of risks.

Many drivers do not recognize the importance of continuous car insurance. Drivers may feel it is acceptable to go a few days or even weeks while shopping for new coverage. During this time they may think it is fine to keep their normal driving habits, especially if they have always been accident free. This is a terrible decision to make. First of all, it is against the law to operate any car, truck, or motorcycle without the proper amount of insurance. If you let your car insurance policy expire, you must stop driving. Secondly, driving an uninsured vehicle, even for just one trip, could leave you exposed to extreme financial obligations. If you are in a collision without car insurance, you will be solely responsible for all property damage and medical bills. Not just your own, but for everyone involved in the accident.

Do not foolishly risk you and your family's financial security by allowing your car insurance policy to expire. Make sure that you maintain your car insurance policy continuously. This is a simple thing to do that can lead to a set of frustratingly complex consequences that could haunt you for the rest of your life. Always maintain an up-to-date automobile insurance policy, even when changing policy providers. This is not only excellent advice but, in most places, it is the law. The importance of staying continuously insured is often overlooked, but it is a disaster waiting to happen. Don't let it happen to you.