First Party Benefits

Don't worry if you don't know what First Party Benefits coverage is. Most people don't. First Party Benefit insurance is a type of auto insurance to help you with some kinds of medical costs if you or your family is hurt in an accident. It is very similar to personal injury protection coverage that people are more familiar with, but it's important to know how it handles the coverage limits.

First of all, the reason why most people aren't familiar with this type of coverage is that it is only mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania when you buy your car insurance policy, and even then you only have to get the medical portion of it. Other states will not require you to get it.

So, what is it and what does it cover? FBP medical coverage covers certain medical expenses for you, other drivers who are listed on your insurance policy, and relatives who are living with you in the same household.

The lowest possible amount of coverage you can get is for $5,000, though it is suggested that you may want to pay a little extra to increase this amount. Once you see what it covers, getting increased coverage of this form might make more sense. Some of the services that are covered are ambulance and nursing service, any related medical or surgical treatment you might get, essential rehabilitative services such as physical therapy or even speech pathology, and prescribed medicines, medical supplies and even prosthetic attachments if necessary.

Once again, this part only applies to people in Pennsylvania, but if you are a resident of that state and you are insuring more than one vehicle, every one of the vehicles must carry the identical limits of FPB coverage.

There are also other kinds of non-medical FPB insurance coverage that can assist you with paying for any income you lose, accidental death and any associated funeral costs. One of the reasons people purchase First Party benefits is if they do not have medical insurance or if their deductible is too high. If your deductible is too high or there are coverage limits, FPB might be a good idea to get.

Unfortunately, the numbers of people in the U.S. who do not have medical insurance are growing quickly. It is becoming more and more common for drivers or their children to not have medical coverage. Sometimes this is due to a simple lapse in payment, forgetfulness or other reasons, but more and more medical insurance is getting more difficult for people to afford. If you or family members do not have health insurance, then you may want to consider getting First Party Benefits.