Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage pays for a wide variety of bills and expenses should anyone in a covered vehicle sustain injuries while in a covered vehicle or while walking as a pedestrian. In most states, medical payments coverage is a mandatory form of coverage and in other states medical payments coverage is optional.

The majority of all car insurance companies offer car insurance medical coverage and medical payments coverage as either a mandatory or optional benefit to their insured. In some states, medical payments coverage may be called no-fault insurance and other states may call this coverage by another name. Whether the coverage is called no-fault or medical payments coverage, the benefits extended to insured is basically the same.

In states where car insurance medical cover or medical payments coverage is optional, car owners can decide whether they want to add this optional coverage to their car insurance. People with health insurance benefits that pay for hospital bills and medical related expenses often decline this optional coverage. However, many insureds with adequate health insurance add optional medical payments coverage to their underlying auto policy for the added security of knowing that the extra coverage is there should it be needed.

Deciding whether to add medical payments coverage to an underlying policy may be a matter of personal preference. Car owners should weigh the pros and cons of not carrying medical payments of coverage. By weighing the pros and cons, car owners may find that it pays to add this coverage to an underlying automobile insurance policy. The cost of adding the coverage is usually nominal in comparison to the cost paying out-of-pocket for medical expenses and bills that are not covered by health insurance.

Car owners that are having trouble deciding may want to compare what their health insurance covers with what medical payments coverage covers. If their health insurance covers everything in full, owners may not need to add medical payments coverage as an optional coverage to their insurance policy. If owners determine that their health insurance does not cover certain things medical payments coverage will, owners may want to have this coverage added to their automobile insurance policy.

What is great about having medical payments coverage is that it offers protection to insureds and their family members whether the insured is at fault in an accident or not. Insureds may also want to consider adding this protection to their policy because it also provides coverage if ever the insured or insured's family members are injured as pedestrians.

Even if medical payments coverage is optional, drivers should really consider adding this coverage to their underlying policy. The cost of adding this coverage is nominal and can save drivers money.