Motor Vehicle Report

A motor vehicle report is an official document that contains a driver's driving history.

These reports are commonly referred to as a MVR or car insurance MVR. Car insurance companies and employers use motor vehicles reports in a variety of ways.

Motor vehicle reports typically contain all or some of the following information: a person's gender, date of birth, height, weight, eye color, hair color, type of license, any restrictions, license expiration date and traffic ticket details, including points and convictions.

Car insurance companies usually generate a motor vehicle report when applicants apply for car insurance. Car insurance companies may also request a MVR when an insured gets into a motor vehicle accident. Underwriters use the information contained in an applicant's car insurance MVR to determine if the applicant is the type of insured the car insurance company is interested in insuring. Drivers with too many accidents and points on their license may have difficulty securing car insurance. If they do secure car insurance, they will probably pay higher rates than drivers who have no accidents or points on their license.

Car insurance companies also use a car insurance MVR when a claim has been filed by an insured. Claims adjusters and examiners usually examine a motor vehicle report when reviewing a claim filed by an insured. Car insurance companies often compare the information provided by the insured during the application process with information in the report to determine if the insured made any misrepresentations or intentionally omitted important information during the application process. If an adjuster determines that an insured lied or omitted any information, car insurance companies usually reserve the right to deny a claim or cancel a policy.

Car insurance companies are not the only entities that request a motor vehicle report. Quite often, employers request the report to evaluate an applicant's driving record. This is especially true if the employee is applying for a position where he or she would be driving a company vehicle. Employers use motor vehicle reports to get information about the applicant's driving background. Employers who need to hire drivers usually want to know if the driver has been in any accidents in the past and whether the driver has any points on his or her license for moving violations.

There are many ways motor vehicle reports are used by car insurance companies and employers. Individuals who are applying for car insurance or a job should always take the time to request a copy of their MVR from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to make certain that the information contained in the report is accurate before applying for insurance or a job.