Pleasure Use

Considering the current state of the economy, it's refreshing to learn about an item that can really save money. Many automobile insurers offer deep discounts for cars designated as "pleasure use" vehicles. This classification applies to cars that don't fall in the business use category. That category generally includes automobiles that take you to work at a distance of more than three miles. It's obvious that the longer your commute, the higher your insurance premiums will be.

Should you own a car, but you use public transportation to go to work and return home, you are in a special category. Make sure your insurer understands your driving schedule and inquire what benefits you earn because of it.

Some insurers define pleasure use automobiles as those driven less than three road miles one way. Other companies consider the status of an automobile; whether it is classified as a historic collector's item, a street rod, and muscle car or specialty vehicles among others. If you are in the process of customizing a car, several insurers will consider those modifications as part of the car's agreed value.

A pleasure use vehicle is never your only means of transportation. Nor can it ever be your primary ride—that guarantees it will be considered a business use automobile. Owning just one car puts you in the business use category. If that's the case, check out online offers regarding an emerging type of insurance that charges by the mile. Low use vehicles can attract very affordable insurance quotes.

Insurance companies anticipate pleasure use vehicles won't be on the road when traffic is at its worst. Driving risks are obviously fewer, which means you are rewarded for keeping your pleasure use car or truck in the garage during week-days. Other premium benefits can be obtained if your fun ride is kept in a private garage or storage area. Insurance companies can offer lower rates because vehicles stored in this manner are far less likely to be vandalized, stolen or involved in hit-and-run situations.

You can't get pleasure use insurance rates from every insurance company. Nor is it available in every state. But there are many insurers using the Internet to explain how their insurance policies accommodate low use vehicles. Check first with your current insurer to learn what consideration they make for pleasure use vehicles. Be prepared to prove your low use claims, and if the company doesn't provide some kind of premium relief go online to examine the many offers advertised there.

Pleasure use insurance is generally cheaper than that which applies to vehicles used for commuter purposes. Make the effort to find out if you qualify.