Policy Expiration Date

Insurance policies are a part of life for most Americans. Drivers are expected to have at least liability coverage on their vehicles before taking to the roads. Automobile insurance is sold in periods of time called terms. There are two dates on the term that are important for drivers to know. The first is the policy expiration date which marks the day that the policy needs to be renewed to remain active. The other date is the policy start date and before this date, the policy is not active on the vehicle. Knowing these two dates is important for drivers because having insurance is necessary and prudent to help avoid costs and legal responsibilities in the event of an accident.

Your policy expiration date is the day when your policy ceases to be active. After that date, your current insurance policy will no longer cover your car in the event of an accident. Also, having expired insurance leaves you vulnerable to getting a ticket for driving an uninsured vehicle. If you do not know your policy expiration date, it is listed on your insurance card that you keep in your car. The date is listed there so that you know ahead of time when to renew your insurance policy. Driving without insurance is easily avoidable if you renew your policy a few days before the expiration so that you can have a new insurance card sent to you before your current one expires.

Your policy start date is the other important date to be aware of with your insurance coverage. The policy start date is also listed on the insurance card that the company sends to you. Before the start date, you do not have any coverage on your vehicle. If you get into an accident before your policy starts to be active, the insurance company is not responsible for paying any of the damages associated with the accident. If your policy has expired, the new start date will leave you unable to drive for a few days until your new policy becomes active.

Your policy start date and your policy expiration date are both listed on your insurance card. Policies typically are sold for periods of six months. Your expiration date should be six months after the start date. Keeping up with your insurance is important for drivers to avoid tickets and to remain covered in case of accidents. When your policy is approaching its expiration, it is a good idea to renew your plan or find a new one. Keeping yourself insured protects you while on the road because accidents happen every day. To avoid driving without insurance, talk to your insurance agent when your expiration date approaches.