Secondary Driver

Drivers in the United States are expected to have car insurance if they are going to be driving. Some things may be a bit unclear with your car insurance coverage and one of those things would be what a secondary driver is. Knowing what drivers are covered on your car insurance policy is very important because someone that is not covered by your policy could cost you a lot of money if he is involved in a collision. If you are the person that drives the car the most, you need to be listed as the main driver on your auto insurance policy. Adding a secondary driver for others that may drive your car can keep you safe when another person drives your car.

Assuming you are the main driver on your policy, anyone you add to your policy that does not drive the car as much as you do can be listed as a secondary driver. The biggest reason to have a secondary driver listed on your policy is that if someone else is driving your car and causes an accident, your insurance rates will go up if they are not listed on the policy. The main driver is the policyholder and the person that drives the car most frequently, but that driver should not have to pay a higher premium if a different person causes an accident in their car.

A car insurance policy can have more than one secondary driver listed. Having people listed as drivers on your coverage can help save you money in the event they cause an accident. This is especially helpful to parents that have their children run errands or let their children drive around in their car. If you have more than one car that you are the main driver of, you will need to list yourself as a secondary driver on all but one of the cars. The same person can only be listed as the primary on one car. Listing more drivers on your plan will increase your rates slightly.

If the other drivers you decide to list on your policy have a poor driving record, your premium will increase more than if they have a good record. Listing other drivers on your policy may increase your rates, but not nearly as much as they would increase if someone not listed on your policy caused an accident in your car.

Listing a secondary driver on your plan will ensure that you have all of the proper coverage to keep you protected no matter what. If you have questions about your coverage or how to add a secondary driver to your insurance policy, contact your car insurance agent for options.