Steering Restraint

When purchasing car insurance, there are a number of things that the insurance companies offer discounts for. To bring down the cost of monthly premiums, many drivers take advantage of the discounts offered. Other than being a safe driver for lower rates, insurance companies offer discounts for things that you can add to your vehicle to make it safer. A steering restraint is a simple addition to a car that can bring down the cost of the monthly insurance premium. Having an anti-theft system also brings down the cost of premiums. These are some easy discounts to take advantage of when looking to bring down your payments.

A steering restraint is a piece of external equipment that locks the steering wheel unless it is unlocked by the owner. The Club is a great example of a steering restraint. These lower your monthly insurance costs because people cannot steal your car if they cannot steer it. Part of your insurance premium covers potential theft of your vehicle. If someone goes to steal your car and you have a steering restraint on the wheel, they will not be able to actually take the car anywhere. This type of accessory greatly reduces the chances that your car will be stolen, so the insurance company will charge you less for your coverage in that area, bringing down your total payment.

An anti-theft system is another great accessory to have on your car. There are a few different types of anti-theft systems that can be put in your car and any of them will bring down your total insurance payment. Passive alarms can be installed in a car so that the alarm sounds if someone tries to take your car without deactivating it first. Non passive alarms can also be installed in your car and these will reduce your payment further than passive alarms. Each type of anti-theft system that a car can have will not only keep your car safe from thieves, but earn you a discount on your insurance.

Having a steering restraint or an anti-theft system installed in your car will keep it safe. A quality steering restraint keeps unwanted people from driving your car. With the restraint on, the steering wheel cannot be turned, so it would make taking the car against your will incredibly difficult. Having an anti-theft system reduces the chances of your car being stolen. If you have either of these things on your car, let your insurance agent know so that they can add it to your insurance policy to bring down your costs. If you plan on getting one of these options for your car, have it put in and then contact your insurance agent.