Towing Coverage

Towing coverage and roadside assistance is one of the extra benefits that car insurance companies are offering their insureds these days. Car owners who have these types of benefits have the added security of knowing that someone will come out to tow their car in the event of a breakdown or accident.

In the past, insurance companies did not offer these additional benefits to insureds. Now, all the major insurance companies offer these extra benefits. Most of these benefits are included, but some may be optional benefits that insureds have to request on their own.

Having towing coverage is extremely important because the cost of towing can be quite expensive for car owners. Most towing companies charge flat rates, but some charge by the mile. For owners that breakdown or are in an accident away from home, the towing cost can be quite expensive. By adding this type of coverage to your plan or selecting an insurance company that offers these benefits, car owners will have the added security of knowing that they are covered in the event they need to have their car towed.

Car owners that have roadside assistance have the added security of knowing that someone will come out to their location to help them should they breakdown or have any other difficulty with their car. Many car owners often request assistance if they run out of gas or accidentally lock themselves out of their car. Without this type of coverage, car owners would have to pay out-of-pocket for the expense of having someone come out to their car. The cost of a locksmith to come out and open a car door can be quite expensive.

Many insurance companies offer these types of benefits absolutely free. Others offer these extra benefits an optional add-on to insurance policies. People who are not sure whether they have these additional benefits should check with their insurance company to see if they do.

Car manufacturers have also started offering these types of benefits to people who purchase new vehicles. Individuals can check with the manufacturer to determine if this coverage is available or was included with the purchase of their vehicle. When available most manufacturers issue a card and phone number to the car owner at the time of purchase. If a card was not issued, car owners should not assume that they have the coverage. Car owners should check with the dealership or call the manufacturer where they purchased the card to determine if they have the coverage.

Most car owners have these benefits already. Car owners that do not have roadside assistance or towing coverage should think about securing these benefits as soon as possible.