Auto Insurance Overview

Every state has different requirements as to how much auto insurance you are required to carry, with variables regarding legal limits, deductible requirements and type of coverage. Some insurance covers medical injury claims from others you might injure in an accident while others simply cover property damage claims made by third parties. The following is a basic auto insurance overview of the different kinds of insurance you can choose from when purchasing car insurance online.

Bodily Injury and Property Liability

Liability insurance is required in nearly all states. Liability insurance covers damages you incur to other parties or their property. Each state has different limits regarding the minimum protection you may be covered by, but it is advisable to cover yourself as comprehensively as possible by obtaining the highest limit you can afford.

  • Liability for Bodily Injury: This type of insurance offers coverage for the death or bodily injuries that other people incur where you are held responsible. Claims against you could include loss of wages, pain, suffering or medical bills. It does not normally cover you or other people on you policy.
  • Property Liability: This type of insurance will cover vehicular damages done to another party‘s vehicle if you are at fault in the accident.

Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury

This type of insurance does cover you, your passengers, or if you are in an accident with a motorist that does not have insurance. It comes into play when death or injuries are incurred to those parties by a person whose insurance plan will not cover the cost of your damages. In this case, these types of online insurance policies will meet the difference, but only up to your policies liability limit.

Underinsured and Uninsured Property Damage

These kinds of plans cannot be obtained in every state. They offer coverage for your vehicle when it is damaged by an uninsured or underinsured driver and will offer payment up to a specified amount for repairs to your car.


Online car insurance that is comprehensive will cover your vehicle in the case that it is damaged by theft, fire, natural disaster or vandalism. It would also cover you in events such as a hitting a deer or incurring a random crack to your windshield. This is also known as full-coverage.


This type of online car insurance covers the majority of other physical damages that you could sustain to your vehicle. It will cover your vehicle were you to hit, or be hit by, another car or object. Many people with older cars consider dropping collision coverage, as it is usually limited to the vehicle‘s cash value.

Auto Insurance Overview: Other Types of Coverage

There are many more costs which can be covered via auto insurance. Most are covered in comprehensive car insurance, however you need to check with the respective auto insurance company to see what is specifically covered. Here are some other plans which may be included in your auto insurance policy:

  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Gap Insurance
  • Medical Payments
  • Work Loss
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Labor and Towing

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