Auto Owners Insurance Company

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Auto Owners Insurance has been a Fortune 500 company since 2002. It was originally founded in the state of Michigan in 1916 and has since expanded to 65 branches. Auto insurance is not the only insurance coverage it has expanded its business to, and the company has now branched out to providing insurance cover for life, workman’s compensation, property and liability insurance. It has a reputation for very high claims satisfaction from its clients and has a number of subsidiary companies that take care of these aspects of the insurance business. The group is known for its financial strength and stability. It is represented by over 35,000 agents and 6,000 agencies that cover all aspects of its insurance business.

Auto Owners auto insurance policies provide coverage to automobiles, trucks, motor homes, recreation vehicles and motorcycles. Special coverage is also available to campers and vacation trailers. Antique and classic automobiles can be treated separately to protect their market values and this greatly helps collectors of such items.

Auto Owners Insurance provides its customers with a number of discounts depending on the features listed and confirmed by its insurance appraisers. Protection equipment like airbags or other devices can reduce premiums. Auto Owners auto insurance is also very keen on safety and will offer discounts for anti-lock brake systems as well as anti-theft devices that can reduce incidence of thefts. Good drivers with clean driving records can hope for lower premiums. Volume business is encouraged and multiple vehicles in a family can opt for such policies that would offer savings. Premiums paid in full will allow for reductions as would vehicles that accept reduced damage-ability.

Optional coverage is available for collision, non-owned automobiles and comprehensive policies. Policies that cover loan and lease gaps and medical payments can be opted for. One can also cover road trouble service and property damage in the policies of Auto Owners auto insurance. The above options are available for personal auto owners. Auto Owners Insurance also treats its commercial auto customers with access to a number of options that can make auto insurance a sound business preposition.

Auto Owners Insurance has issued nearly 5 million policies since its inception and has a reputation of being a company who pride themselves on creating minimal problems for their customers. Their secure and safe investment policies have led to good money management which allows them to settle claims quickly, leading to high marks in customer satisfaction. It also allows customers to exercise a number of payment options, thus lending credibility to their reputation of outstanding service.