April 9, 2009

New Car: Nissan Cube Mobile Device

Upon hearing the name, “Nissan Cube Mobile Device”, many minds went racing to think that Nissan Motors was switching gears and getting into the mobile phone device market. Imagine that, some people have iPhones and others have Nissans. In actuality, the “Nissan Cube Mobile Device” is actually a cute name for what has turned out to be a cute and inspiring vehicle. It looks like a toy upon first glance, and with a sticker price of just under $14k, it probably has a similar price to some toys you might find at F.A.O. Schwartz. Apparently, it is a very fuel efficient vehicle with a nice modern inside to keep technophiles happy. We expect to see a good deal of these on the road in the near term.

Click here for the Nissan Cube Mobile Device micro site.