June 30, 2009

Where Do I Look for Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

You can barely turn on the TV or the radio without hearing about going online to get a free auto insurance quote. But you may be wondering where to find the best, most accurate online car insurance quote.

There are two ways to get auto insurance quotes online. The first is by going to an auto insurance provider’s web site and plugging in your personal information. While this will probably give you an accurate quote for that specific company–provided you give the correct information–it does not insure that you will get an accurate quote for other providers. Although some car insurance providers, like Progressive, give you quotes from several companies and allow you to compare, many car insurance providers do not do this in an effort to persuade you to buy your car insurance through them.

The other place you can visit in order to find auto insurance quotes is a company that specializes in car insurance quotes, not car insurance. These companies offer auto insurance quotes that allow you to compare one or more companies with others. Because these companies don’t have a special interest in your choosing one policy over another, they simplify your life, giving you the information you need with just one simple click.

After you’ve gotten your auto insurance quote online, it’s time to decide on a policy. This can be difficult, but it’s a whole lot simpler when you have that online auto insurance quote. Although you’re probably ready to compare prices right away, it’s also important to look not only at prices, but also at what kind of coverage the policy offers. What is your deductible; how much is the company willing to pay if you get into an accident. Does this insurance cover both your vehicle and the other vehicle in the event of an accident? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself when comparing the results of your auto insurance quotes.

In the United States, you must have auto insurance in order to drive, but how much car insurance you have is left up to you and the state. Each state has a required minimum, but it’s often wise to buy more than just the necessary auto insurance. Why? Well, if you end up in an accident, and the damage is more than what is covered by your policy, you have to pay the rest out of pocket–something that could end up crippling you financially for years.

So, if you’re looking to get the best rate and the best policy for your money, check out a comparable quote from an independent company.