July 8, 2009

Auto Insurance for the Military

Auto insurance quotes are often seen as a necessary task for obtaining the correct documents for your vehicle. It’s often easy to avoid spending the extra time on the phone or filling out the auto insurance quote online to answer additional questions that could lead to deeper discounts. Working in the military on active duty or part time in the reserves can help you to pay less for your auto insurance. Here are some tips to help you secure lower rates for auto insurance quotes online.

While you are in the process of receiving your auto insurance quote, be proactive. In business each day, billions of dollars are saved by simply asking the right questions. Many business men would never leave a meeting without doing some type of negotiation. Keeping household expenses as low as possible is worth spending a few moments answering additional questions to receive a discount. Look within the online quote for a military discount.

Many reservists and military dependents may improperly believe that military discounts are not available to them, but only the service member. If you are a spouse, dependent, or reservist with a military ID, you qualify for the discount. You may be required to fax or mail in a photo copy of both sides of your military ID upon request.

Auto insurance quotes taken over the phone may be done by a skilled professional. Simply being nice and asking about the military discount can only improve the auto car insurance quote you receive. If the main service member is deployed, ask if there are additional discounts while the family is experiencing this hardship tour. If you are a service member who will have one or several vehicles in paid secured storage while you go overseas or on an assignment where you won’t be taking a vehicle, inquire about a specific military discount for cars that will not be used for an extended period of time.

Being a service member is full of many life challenges. Family life can sometimes be strained due to financial pressures. Moving often, demanding work schedules, and child care problems may make it challenging for a military spouse to consistently work full-time. Many spouses are left for months at a time to be single parents, while the service members serve the country.

Many auto insurance agencies realize this and offer discounts to those who deserve them. Take every opportunity you can to receive a military discount. Auto insurance quotes can be lowered by simply asking for the discount. Use these tips to save additional money off your insurance costs over the course of your military career.