July 31, 2009

Why New Autos May be More Affordable than Used Autos Today

There is a preconceived notion among consumers that buying used autos saves lots of money. This may be true in some circumstances, but should not remain the sole influence on choosing between new and used autos. There are benefits to purchasing both types of vehicles, especially for consumers who want affordable cars. Most pre-owned vehicles cost much less than new autos, and receive lower quotes for auto insurance rates. This quickly makes used autos more attractive to prospective buyers.

Average car owners tend to drive recklessly and take less care of used autos, increasing their maintenance costs. Drivers who purchase new autos are typically more careful to not become involved in accidents. Auto insurance rates will be less likely to increase for drivers that take good care of their new vehicles. Responsible drivers with modern vehicles can get the best rates on auto insurance. The driving behavior and quality care habits help to make new autos more affordable than used autos in the long term.

Consumers who want an affordable car may buy used autos with a plan to be responsible drivers. This still does not guarantee that used car owners will obtain affordable rates on auto insurance. These rates on insurance vary among new and seasoned drivers, which should be taken into consideration when purchasing used autos. Consumers with a questionable driving history may have to pay higher auto insurance rates than other car buyers. Purchasing new autos may be a more affordable choice in these circumstances. These cars tend to be packaged with rebates, accessories, roadside assistance and other promotions that are not offered on used cars.

Special promotions can help to significantly reduce the expenses of new cars and make them affordable for many drivers. Consumers should also know that many pre-owned vehicles have additional short-term and long-term expenses. Used autos tend to require more cosmetic and systems maintenance that end up costing car buyers more money. These heavy maintenance requirements reduce their affordability when compared to new autos. A lot of maintenance expenses that buyers pay for used autos are not covered in auto insurance plans.

New autos can be more affordable than used vehicles for many drivers depending on their individual circumstances. Driving history, maintenance costs, perks, and resources are some of the factors that determine how much consumers have to pay upfront and in subsequent months. The level of responsibility for proper care and driving will also influence auto insurance rates, even for used vehicles. Consumers are in a better position to obtain affordable new autos when considering the fact that these vehicles have more long-term benefits.