March 2, 2010

Tips for Collecting Auto Insurance Quotes in Michigan

When looking at Michigan auto insurance quotes, there are a few things to bear in mind. The state of Michigan operates under a “no-fault” system, which limits drivers’ ability to sue each other for damages and leaves most of the monetary disbursement in the hands of insurance companies. However, many no-fault policies will pay only for the other vehicle’s damage, and not those suffered by the owner. It is therefore worth shopping around to see which auto insurance company can provide the best coverage for the money spent.

The state of Michigan also requires that drivers carry $1,000,000 in property protection insurance, which will pay out if a driver causes damage to another person’s property. This cost is largely in place to off-set the amount of settlements which would be obtained if the state operated under a “tort” system, or one in which one of the drivers must always be deemed responsible for the accident. As well, Michigan mandates that insurance companies provide drivers with personal injury protection (PIP) for both medical costs and loss of work. This coverage pays out to the policy holder if they are hurt in an accident and require medical treatments, or can no longer work. PIP coverage will pay out a fixed amount over time, but amounts vary widely between insurance companies. Be sure to ask what the PIP limits are on any policy quote obtained online or by phone as Michigan does not mandate how much PIP insurance is required to cover, only that it be in place.

As well, the state requires that motorists carry $20,000 worth of coverage for injury to a single person in an accident (other than the policy holder) and $40,000 for all people injured. In addition, $10,000 of property liability is required, which is separate from the $1,000,000 mentioned previously. From a liability perspective, Michigan’s requirements are actually quite low when compared to the rest of the nation, however their extremely high property protection limits more than offset this cost. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, which protect a driver against someone with limited or no insurance, are not a requirement in this state, but should be considered as a very valuable add-on option, as they can safeguard a driver against a serious injury with no payout.

All auto insurances quotes in Michigan will abide by the basic standards, but with no specified limits for PIP, collision or comprehensive coverage, a basic auto insurance quote may leave a consumer stranded in a time of need. Be sure to get details on the policy and consider add-ons of high value such as increased PIP limits or collision coverage before committing to any purchase.