April 15, 2010

Ways To Get A Cheaper Auto Insurance Quote

We all want to save money in whatever way we can. If you own a vehicle or are planning to purchase one, you are then required by law to obtain auto insurance and its cost will depend on several factors. Below are some tips and key points you must remember to ensure that you obtain cheap car insurance.

First, invest in anti-theft devices. Most new vehicles will already have anti-theft devices in them. Some may have to be manually operated while some are automatic but regardless of how they function, you will usually get discounts on your auto insurance premium if you have them. In particular, some states will provide extra discounts for features such as window sketching. Second, aim for a higher deductible. Your deductible is the amount that you must pay when you have a claim against your insurance. The higher your deductible, the lower your auto insurance quote will be. Take your time to gather a number of quotes with different deductibles to compare how much difference the price makes.

Third, consider low mileage discounts. Insurance companies offer cheaper quotes for drivers who have lower mileage. Try to gauge how often you will be driving your car. Are there chances wherein you could carpool or occasionally work from home? Reducing your annual mileage will lower your insurance premium. Fourth, look for group discounts. Many companies will offer discounts on auto insurance if you are affiliated with certain clubs or organizations such as sororities and credit unions. Fifth, consider comprehensive storage coverage. If you will be storing your vehicle for a period of time, you can save money on your insurance by just keeping the comprehensive coverage during that storage period. Since your vehicle will be stored, there are less chances of it getting into an accident or needing liability coverage.

Sixth, consider a yearly policy. Opting for a yearly policy may extend your savings on your auto insurance. Choosing a yearly policy instead of a six-month policy will give you a fixed rate for an entire year. Lastly, always compare multiple quotes. Get quotes from several companies to ensure that you find the best rates. Do not settle with the first quote that you get as the price difference between quotes from different companies could range from $50-$200. It may sound like a tedious job but to save lots of time, go online and get quotes from a company that already compares quotes from the top insurance companies. The process will only take a few minutes of your time. Consider all of these factors and the more equipped you will become in obtaining affordable auto insurance that will keep you safe but won’t break the bank.