May 20, 2010

How To Get A Multi-Car Discount On Your Auto Insurance Policy

Having adequate insurance on your automobile is required in all states, and is also a smart strategy to help reduce your risk of liability in case of an accident. The amount of coverage you carry, among other factors, determines the cost of your policy. In order to guarantee that you aren’t overpaying, you should ask your insurance provider about discounts they offer. One popular discount that applies to many households is a multi-car discount.

When getting auto insurance quotes, you should ask the provider about the discounts they offer. If you are insuring at least two vehicles through one company, you should automatically receive a multi-car discount. If you don’t see this reduction on your premium, be sure to call the insurance company and request this discount. If you are purchasing a second or third vehicle for your household, be sure to ask your company if they offer a multi-car discount, and if so, ask how much it will save you. All companies offer various auto insurance discounts, so while you may save fifty dollars with your current provider, a competitor may offer you a one hundred dollar discount for having more than one vehicle insured with them.

When combining policies with a spouse or domestic partner, a multi-car discount can potentially save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your policy. Be sure to ask your provider for this discount if it is not automatically applied. You can also ask for other auto insurance discounts you may be eligible for, including multi-policy discounts, which applies if you insure your home or other assets with your insurance company.

When adding a new driver to your family, be sure to call your insurance company to add them to your policy. Your new driver could qualify for a student discount, or a safe driving program which can potentially save you money on your insurance bills. Your insurance agent can provide you with more information on these programs and other discounts. If you purchase or lease a vehicle for this new driver, verify with your insurance company that this automobile policy is connected to the other accounts you have on file. Taking a few minutes to speak with your insurance office can help you reduce the cost of your insurance.

Discounts, of any variety, are available from almost all automobile insurance providers. While some, such as multi-policy or multi-vehicle reductions are applied automatically, it is best to take the time to check with your provider. If you still feel that you are overpaying for insurance, taking the time to obtain multiple auto insurance quotes can yield significant saving, since you may be eligible for new discounts.