June 2, 2010

3 Signs That An Auto Insurance Quote Is Too High

Shopping around for auto insurance premiums can be a nerve-racking endeavor. It’s so tough to know if you are making the best deal with the best company at the best possible price. A premium too high can force your budget into an uncomfortable spot.

But never fear, for you are not alone in your fight to get the most out of your auto insurance dollar. When receiving auto insurance quotes there are a number of things that you should look for to know you are paying out too much money in your premiums. Here are the top 3 signs that your auto policy quote is too high.

The first sign is if the quote you are being given is more money than your current policy. Chances are you’re shopping around because the money you are spending on auto insurance is already too much. If you are doing a quote with another company and the price you are getting back is higher than you pay now, it’s worth asking. You need to either redo your online auto insurance quotes or to ask the agent preparing your quote to make sure all the information they entered in is correct.

The second sign you might be paying too much is if you were never given the opportunity to apply for discounts. Very few plans exist in the world without driving incentives and discounts. The very nature of these programs is to bring the cost down to you and drive business in. If you have done an online quote or were speaking with a representative and incentives and discounts were never covered, then there is something that needs to be fixed.

But make sure you ask. Often times people do not ask because they just assume that it’s been adjusted or the person that is handling it already knows about the discounts and has taken care of it. But never assume when it comes to lowering your auto insurance premiums.

The third sign you may be quoted too much has to do with your address and zip code. Do not assume that a person or a computer knows accurately the town or zip code you live in. This can make a huge difference as far as what you have to pay in insurance premiers. Living in a hugely populated city like Chicago versus a quiet Chicago suburb like Lyons, Illinois can mean the difference between paying a little on your car insurance and paying a lot.

Auto insurance quotes can be a tricky thing. If you pay careful attention to the information you are receiving you can purchase it at a rate that is affordable for you. Do the research and find the best rates for you.