July 30, 2010

How To Resolve Your Auto Insurance Claim Quickly

No one likes the auto insurance claim process. Unfortunately, there’s a high chance this will happen at some point over the course of your policy. Claims can greatly affect auto insurance quotes, especially for drivers who have never been involved in a claim before. The worst part is that claims can take several months to resolve. During this time, your insurance company will often send in claim investigators. There may be lengthy court cases as well. This is usually between your insurer, their insurer and other parties if you live in a tort state. Regardless, there are a number of ways to expedite the process of your claim.

First of all, it’s important to think before you act in an auto insurance claim. This is especially important right after an accident occurs. Avoid admitting fault, and write down every detail pertaining to the accident. If you’re making a non-accident claim, be precise and submit it to your insurance agent as soon as possible. Details can help prove your side of the story. If you can effectively show that you deserve compensation, there’s a better chance that you’ll receive timely remedies. Basically, the faster you report the incident, the faster your insurance agent can act in your favor.

There are times, of course, where an agent cannot act in your favor. To ensure a hassle free experience, avoid costly mistakes by following proper protocol. Make sure you’re following the insurance company’s policies exactly. Ask how long the process will take, and make sure to keep records of all of correspondence with the insurance company. This is especially important for any documents you sign or emails. If worse comes to worse, and you launch a complaint against your insurance company for claim delay, you’d want to have all the facts on your side. Simple record keeping can be extremely helpful to your case.

If you feel that your insurance company is intentionally avoiding claim payment, you need to contact your state insurance commissioner’s office. This is the legal office, which controls insurance laws in your state. They’ll be able to tell you what rights you have, and if necessary, will investigate insurer complaints. Making an official complaint will not affect your future auto insurance quotes. In fact with tedious cases, it can be a necessary step in expediting your auto insurance claim. If you want to resolve a claim as quickly as possible, it’s important to take note of the information provided here. Talking with your insurance agent and anyone else involved will help you get the information you need and help you stay ahead of the process.