August 1, 2010

How Defensive Driving Classes Drop Rates For Teens

Teens who successfully complete defensive driving habits will be offered a lower auto insurance quote than teens who have not had any type of formal training. The insurance company can offer lower auto insurance quotes because the teens have documented proof that they have been exposed to defensive driving techniques that can make them safer drivers. If a teen is a safer driver, the insurance company can expect to pay out on fewer claims. Since the premium rates are based on the expectation of potential claims that will be filed, the insurance company will charge less if the potential for claims is lowered.

Proof the Teen Knows the Rules of the Road

A defensive driving course is an in-depth study on how to drive safely. It teaches a teen all of the necessary skills to avoid getting into an accident. Insurance companies will reward a teen who has gone through a defensive driving course with lower auto insurance quotes because the course will stand behind the training they have provided. The certificate the teen receives at the end of the course proves they have been exposed to all of the defensive driving facts and has demonstrated an understanding of them.

Training Techniques to Make Teens Safer

There are several in-depth training techniques taught during a defensive driving course. The teen will be taught to look at a few cars ahead them and a few cars behind them in a line of traffic so they can anticipate any changes in speed. They are also taught how to react in a safe manner when another car behaves in an unexpected manner. Defensive driving is the best way to avoid getting into an accident. A lower auto insurance quote is just one of the many benefits a teen receives when he or she completes a good defensive driving course.

Understanding of the Consequences of Reckless Driving

A portion of any defensive driving class is devoted to describing the consequences of driving recklessly. There are usually graphic examples of car accidents that were caused through inattention to driving. Defensive driving courses will show teens what happens if they take their eyes from the road or try to race through yellow lights at the last minute. Insurance companies trust that the teens that have been exposed to the grim consequences of poor driving habits will be more inclined to drive safely and avoid those consequences. Safe driving can benefit the insurance company because there will be fewer claims, but it also benefits the teen because they avoid the injury and auto damage that a bad accident can cause in someone’s life.