August 8, 2010

Why The Color Of Your Car Affects Your Quote

Our society is programmed to associate color with meaning. For example, we dress in black attire for a funeral to symbolize our mourning of the deceased. Babies who are dressed in blue are assumed to be boys, while girls are outfitted in pink. Color matters in many ways, and for some people, there is a strong belief that the color of your car can affect your auto insurance quote. This belief is far from the truth. Auto insurance quotes are determined by numerous factors; however, a vehicle’s color is not one of them.

Whether it’s high or low, your auto insurance quote is based on the vehicle’s year, make and model. Insurance companies also want to know how you will be using the vehicle and if there will be additional drivers. In addition to this, the vehicle’s safety features, along with your driving record and zip code plays an important role in your auto insurance quote. Most insurance companies don’t even bother to ask the color of your car. From their business perspective, it is invalid information. Thus, there is no need to mention it when searching for auto insurance quotes.

The idea of an auto insurance quote being affected by a vehicle’s color is a myth. This misconception is strongest believed about red vehicles. People associate the color red with speed; therefore, they believe a red vehicle would result in a higher auto insurance rate. Their imagination goes a step further by believing red cars get more tickets because of their speed. Granted, a speeding car can cause a driver to get a ticket; however, it is the driver’s speed that causes this effect, not the car’s color.

There is no evidence that red vehicles get more tickets than any other vehicle color. A red convertible being ticketed has absolutely nothing to do with the car’s color. It’s simply just the driver is driving recklessly. The same consequence would occur if the convertible was white.

You can avoid a getting a ticket by being an obedient driver rather than a risky one. This, in turn, will keep your driving record free of speeding tickets. And best, this rewards you with lower auto insurance quotes.

So, if you want to buy an automobile in a color as adventurous as red, go ahead, without hesitation. There is no punishment for driving certain colored vehicles. The punishment comes from your own recklessness. Thus, be a safe driver. Insurance companies will still give you the same consideration for auto insurance quotes as they do drivers driving other color vehicles. Luckily, this is one of those times where color doesn’t matter.