August 20, 2010

Special Considerations For Older Drivers And Their Auto Insurance

An auto insurance quote for an older driver can be expensive. However, there are some strategies that older drivers can use to show the insurers that they are a good risk, and as a result, get an affordable rate.

One way for older drivers to get better auto insurance quotes is to take a driver safety course. It is best to complete the class and get your certificate before requesting an auto insurance quote. Moreover, some cars are more expensive to insure. These include sports cars, cars that are often stolen, cars that are expensive to repair and luxury cars. Check with your insurer to find out which cars are rated lower.

Ask about getting a discount if you drive less than 10,000 miles per year. If a driver is retired, then all of the cars insured can be considered to be for pleasure use only. This can be a difference of up to 15 percent compared to the rate for a driver who uses his car to commute to work. For older drivers to get the best rates, they may need to pass a medical examination. Living a healthy lifestyle and staying healthy is rewarded with better rates.

When a car has safety features like theft deterrent devices, air bags or safety brakes, the insurance rates will be less. Drivers of all ages who have a good driving record are considered to be to be a lower risk by insurance companies. If an older person is retired from certain professions, such as doctors, teachers or engineers, he or she may still be eligible for a professional discount. You should see this discount on your auto insurance quote.

Joining a senior citizen association may allow you to get a discount on auto insurance because these organizations contract for group rates and discounts specifically for older drivers. Ask about car insurance rates with your life insurance or homeowners insurance company. Most companies give a multi-policy discount, and the saving can be substantial. If you have your home, life, and auto with the same company, you will get the very best rates.

Although many older adults may have started using the Internet later in life, they should get some online quotes in order to compare plans. If you aren’t Internet-savvy, ask a friend who is. Seniors are actually some of the best drivers on the road. They have more experience, take care of their cars and follow the rules of the road better than other drivers. Remember that you cannot be turned down for auto insurance solely because of your age.