October 4, 2010

Finding Cheaper Auto Insurance Quotes For High Risk Drivers

A high risk driver pays much more for auto insurance than drivers in other risk groups, and this can make it very difficult to afford to keep a vehicle. However, even high risk drivers can find cheap auto insurance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that can keep your policy costs low.

The first thing that a high risk driver should do is to try to get out of a high risk classification. There aren’t too many ways to do this, but if your state offers defensive driving courses, taking one could make a major difference in your car insurance rates. This is because car insurance companies see defensive driving courses as a definite way to decrease the chances of an auto insurance claim, and statistically, such classes greatly improve the driving skills of a high risk driver. Some states and insurance companies will not offer defensive driving classes, and not every class will be supported for insurance discounts, so be sure to check with your insurance agent if you want your defensive driving class to count towards getting a cheap auto insurance rate. High risk drivers can also simply drive carefully and wait for accidents and traffic citations to leave their records, but this can take years; instead, ask your insurance agent about ways to get insurance discounts.

Every driver should occasionally look online to compare auto insurance quotes with the cost of their current policies. This is especially true for high risk drivers, or any driver who has seen rates change drastically within a few months. Comparing auto insurance quotes is fairly easy thanks to a number of new tools that are designed specifically for the purpose. Online car insurance aggregate websites make it easy for drivers to find rates from major insurance companies, and getting a few quotes can make it easier to negotiate for a cheap auto insurance quote despite a driver’s high risk past. When you look online for rates, don’t lie about your driving history, as insurance companies will eventually find out anyways. Get a list of recent traffic incidents and citations that you’ve received in the last few years to enter into online forms. Once you’ve received your quotes, narrow them down and look for a few of the cheapest ones.

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice the coverage that you need simply to find cheap auto insurance, even if you’re a high risk. You’ll simply need to do research and be willing to speak with a few insurance agents to negotiate and get a few discounts that can drive down the cost of your policy.