October 12, 2010

The Risks Of Driving Without Auto Insurance

Driving without insurance is illegal in every state except Wisconsin and New Hampshire. That fact alone should be enough to convince any motorist that there is no excuse to take the risk. Further, you can rest assured that just about any insurer is not going to give you a good auto insurance quote should you decide to join the insured crowd after dropping out for awhile.

Recent statistics show that hundreds of thousands of Americans are driving without auto insurance because they lost employment and cannot afford the premiums. That is putting a whole more at risk than you can imagine. Be found at fault in a serious auto accident, with no insurance coverage, and get ready for your very existence to be put to the test.

The legal ramifications in any accident are compounded by not having insurance. Fines, legal fees and possible at-fault penalties can mount up fast, reaching expensive levels that can confound the imagination. And there is little you can do because you have no insurance company to act as a strong mediator on your behalf. That is a side of being insured that many people never consider—your insurance company is on your side and will work hard to protect your position. That kind of legal assistance can become a priceless part of any insurance policy.

A growing number of drivers are making auto insurance a financial cutback. However, you should think in other directions about saving money. Get busy checking out online car insurers to see which ones offer the best auto insurance quotes. That is the smart way to save money for your personal needs, while ensuring that potential problems further down the line will not financially upset your life.

Adequate car insurance gives policy holders a safety net that non-insured drivers cannot have. Become injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist and rely on your insurance company to provide the money needed to repair or replace your car and, if necessary, coming to your aid in the event you have been injured. Getting that assistance immediately from your insurer is better than having to wait months or years for legal processes to establish fault and financial settlements. Even then, there is no guarantee you will ever see penny-one of what the court might have awarded you.

Even excellent drivers can be involved in an accident. Also, what if you are in a routine traffic check and the police officer asks to see proof of insurance? Without it, you can expect a stiff fine. Ask your friends, search the Web, and find a good auto insurance quote. The alternative can be too costly.