February 8, 2011

Using Your Commute To Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

Auto insurance rates have different variables that contribute to the overall cost. People are always looking for ways to cut costs in their monetary budget. One way that most people lower their car insurance costs is by finding cheap auto insurance. Researching different competitive quotes can help you attain a cheaper cost for coverage. Another way that you can give car insurance companies a reason to lower your rates is by decreasing your travel time to and from your job. Doing this one action can save you money.

Most auto insurance rates are calculated based upon driving history, value of vehicle, type of car insurance plan, amount of coverage, residence, and commuting distance from home to employment. If you can positively change any one of these variables you have the ability to lower the cost to get coverage. Statistically, it is shown that the more miles it takes you to get to your job the greater the chance that you can be involved in a car accident. When you decrease the commute distance it will lower your auto insurance rates.

One of the ways you can lower your commute time is to change jobs. If you can find employment closer to your residence, you will reduce the amount of time spent on the road. This also lowers the chances of being involved in an accident or getting a speeding ticket. The type of job you have can determine whether or not it is feasible.

Another way to lower the commute time is to change where you live. If you live in an apartment or rent a home you may find it much easier to change your residence than someone that owns a home. You do not have to sell where you live before you move. If the real estate market is doing poorly this may be not an option that you can act upon as you may not have any offers to purchase your residence.

Retired workers can obtain cheap auto insurance as they no longer have a daily commute. If you are near to retirement or considering early retirement, this may be the impetus you need to pay your decision. If you are married or have a joint policy inquire from your carrier the difference in price it one of you becomes retired. For others that still need to work a few more years call your insurance company and discover how changing your commuting distance will lower your rates. If you already live near your job, this will not affect you in any way. Knowing the exact mileage requirements can help you pinpoint the distance you need to move or find a job that can save you money.