March 8, 2011

Finding The Best Auto Insurance Quotes By State And By City

Location is crucial when formulating an auto insurance quote, as insurance premiums vary greatly from one city and state to the next. There are several reasons for this, including state auto insurance laws and the various factors that affect insurance statistics from one area to the next. Insurance laws can drive up the cost of premiums by imposing more regulation on the insurance industry, for instance, and a high rate of auto theft in a particular zip code might mean a higher cost for comprehensive car insurance coverage in that area.

Because location is so important when buying a car insurance policy, it’s a good idea to know the unique factors that affect insurance costs in your area. Find out whether your city reports more car insurance claims of a certain type than other cities. If this is the case, you may be able to take steps to protect your vehicle which will result in a hefty discount for your car insurance quotes. For instance, if there are a higher than average number of act of God claims in your city, parking your car in a locked garage may be a good idea, and if your city has high auto theft rates, you should consider a car alarm. Likewise, you should learn about state auto insurance law. This will help you to know how much insurance you need to buy and how that coverage will help you if you’re ever involved in an accident. In particular, find out the minimum amounts of car insurance that you need to drive and whether you live in a tort or a no fault state. You can find this information on your state insurance commission’s website or by calling their office.

To find the best possible auto insurance quote given your vehicle and driving habits, you’ll need to look online after collecting information about your area. Try to use a car insurance quote aggregation website that specifically asks for your address or zip code. Such a website will be more likely to report accurate rates that are based on the aforementioned factors rather than more generic quotes based on your age and driving history. Using an aggregate website will help you to quickly see what major car insurance companies are offering.

The important thing to remember is to research your state as fully as possible and to only compare dependable quotes when trying to select a policy. By looking into discount programs and comparing a few quotes before buying your car insurance policy, you’ll be able to find the best possible auto insurance quote given your city and state.