June 11, 2011

Consequences Of Driving Without Valid Proof Of Auto Insurance

Having auto insurance is mandatory in every state in the nation, and serious consequences can result if a driver is found on the road without valid proof of insurance. Every state will have its own set of penalties and options for those who are found without insurance, and each state will have differing requirements as to exactly what type and level of insurance a driver must carry. Drivers commonly forget to update the insurance information in their vehicles or carry around expired insurance cards, but most do have a valid form of insurance. Even so, not carrying valid proof of insurance can result in a number of serious consequences.

The first action that police can take when they find that a driver is driving without valid proof of insurance is to issue a ticket for this action. These tickets can vary in fine value from $100 to $2500 and can result in jail time if they are not paid in a specified period. Tickets will also often show up on a driver’s abstract, which can negatively impact their ability to work, get insurance or even obtain a renewal on their license. It is important to understand that simply having valid insurance is not enough to escape a violation ticket. Valid proof of insurance must be carried at all times a driver is in a vehicle in order to be complaint with the rules of the road.

In addition to being issued a ticket, those who do not carry valid proof of auto insurance coverage can also find themselves in a position where their vehicles are towed by police. The longer that a vehicle remains in a police impound lot, the greater the fees that a driver will have to pay in order to get their vehicle out, and the vehicle will not be released until the driver can produce a valid insurance card. If a driver has the card at home, they will be easily able to obtain it and return to the impound lot, paying a minimum of fees but being extremely inconvenienced. If a driver does not have insurance coverage, they will find it very difficult to obtain after their vehicle has been towed for this violation.

While it can be easy to misplace or an insurance card or forget to swap an expired for a valid one in a vehicle, a driver can save themselves a significant amount of time and trouble simply by ensuring that they are never without a valid auto insurance card whenever they are driving. This will make the entire driving experience a far simpler and streamlined process, and limit the interaction drivers must have with police.