August 11, 2011

Finding Car Insurance Quotes After A String Of Accidents

The purpose behind getting car insurance quotes is to get the best price possible at any given time. This is true with a car insurance policy with zero claims or with one with an abundance of them. It is the experience of most drivers to have at least one occurrence at some point during their driving career. This is to be expected and even anticipated. Problems might occur with getting car insurance quotes after a string of accidents though.

After numerous accidents, a car insurance policy tends to become more evasive. The reason is that the insurance underwriter might believe a driver to be a high risk and undesirable within the parameters defined within the individual car insurance policy. Insurance companies are prohibited from discriminating based on certain criteria, but the driving history of a potential client is relevant to direct claims risk so is therefore allowable under the regulations of law.

Since car insurance quotes can be denied to potential clients based on current legal standards, the question becomes what someone can do under these circumstances. The answer is to be proactive in seeking coverage. This means that when seeking a car insurance policy, or even just car insurance quotes, someone should not just accept a refusal as given. Sometimes there is a way available around a policy denial. For example, one lady was denied a car insurance policy from an insurance company she really trusted and wanted to do business with. They refused coverage initially because she had three claims within a one year period. Instead of accepting their refusal to insurance coverage, this lady was able to substantiate to this particular company that all the collisions she had were the fault of others. After realizing this, the insurance company accepted her request for insurance coverage under appeal.

If someone is legitimately a driver with at fault history, there are still options. There are a number of insurance providers willing to offer a car insurance policy to drivers that are a higher risk. Sometimes these companies can be found in traditional phone books or online searches, but the favored way is through recommendations from those who have similar histories. Unfortunately, the risk factors are higher to provide insurance coverage to these types of drivers, so the cost of coverage rises also. There are an isolated number of insurers marketing car insurance quotes to high risk drivers exclusively. Although the costs are increased with getting a car insurance policy to those with a string of accidents, it is a readily available option to obtain insurance. The secret to getting the best prices at this level is to get as many quotes as possible and making personal appeals of reconsideration.