October 12, 2011

When To Look For A New Car Insurance Policy

Most people never consider looking for a new cheap auto insurance policy because they’ve been paying premiums for some time and it becomes routine to write the check to continue coverage. Take notice about the price trend of your car insurance policy. Companies are willing to offer new customer discounts as part of the marketing effort aimed at getting you on board. From there, annual or semi-annual premiums are prone to gradually increase until at some point the original discounts have been more than paid for by you. If you can’t convince your current insurer to cut back on those added expenses, then take the time to look for a new company.

If you, or another person on your car insurance policy, get classified by your insurance company as a “high-risk” driver, your premiums are going to skyrocket. You have no choice but to accept the higher cost, and don’t expect the insurance company to send you a notice regarding a rate reduction. But after two years of safe driving, and paying the huge premiums, begin a search for new car insurance that is cheaper. A new company may not bring costs down to a level you feel is most appropriate, but it will start you out at appreciably lower premiums for the same coverage. Keep your driving record clean to make the case for even lower future insurance premiums.

Changing your address can have an impact on your car insurance policy. Different areas of the country, states and cities are not always rated the same by insurance companies. Expect your insurer to adjust your policy’s cost after the move is finished. Take this opportunity to examine what other insurance companies offer in your new neighborhood. For instance, moving to a rural area from a city could mean hundreds of dollars in savings each year.

Keeping your driving record clear of black marks is actually worth something. Insurance companies normally look back five years to determine what kind of driver you are. If those five years are spotless, demand that any insurance company you deal with recognize they have an obligation to offer their best rates. Anything less should put you on the hunt for a new car insurance policy. Look online, where dozens of highly reputable insurance companies are eager for your business.

A change in your financial situation could signal the opportunity to go for better car insurance that probably carries higher costs. You may have been driving a car that didn’t need expensive coverage. The new, more expensive car needs more costly insurance coverage. This could be a great time to determine if your car insurance policy sufficiently covers everything.