March 1, 2013

Specific Car Insurance Types Ideal For Work Trucks

Each type of vehicle requires particular insurance coverage. When it comes to insuring work trucks, it is essential that you research your options and learn more about car insurance types. Although commercial truck insurance is quite expensive, you need to protect your assets and choose the right coverage.

Commercial truck insurance provides coverage for work trucks, pick-up trucks, vans and SUVs against any damage to the vehicle. This type of insurance protects your company from losses by paying for the damage costs. Commercial truck insurance is similar to personal automobile coverage, because it offers different levels of protection such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, primary liability insurance, bodily injury insurance, hospital and medical bills, motor truck cargo insurance, comprehensive insurance, collision coverage and property damage insurance.

Before you buy vehicle insurance for work trucks, you should know that most companies provide specialized business-related coverage like non-trucking (bobtail) liability insurance, trailer interchange coverage, motor truck cargo and general liability insurance. You should opt for the most suitable car insurance types based in the use, routes and cargo of the vehicle.

Non-tracking insurance applies when the insured vehicle is operated solely for personal and non-economic purposes. This type of coverage offers a restricted form of liability protection for a permanently leased truck operator. Truck cargo insurance provides coverage against damage, destruction, or other loss that may occur in transit. It also offers protection against terrorism. General liability insurance is one of the most common car insurance types, covering the accidents that don’t occur on the road. If you buy this type of insurance, your work trucks will be protected against hail damage, theft and vandalism.

Primary liability insurance is required by the government to legally drive work trucks. It provides coverage from damages or injuries to other people due to a truck accident. There are many factors to consider when buying primary liability insurance, including the number of liability exposures you have and the state where you live. In the event of a truck accident, the insurance company will cover the damages. Trailer interchange insurance covers losses or damages to trailers that you do not own while they are in your custody.

There are many car insurance types for work trucks, so it is necessary that you do your homework and learn more about each of them. Whether you want to insure work trucks or personal cars, choosing the right coverage is essential. This will help you protect your assets against vandalism, theft, truck damage and injuries. Feel free to use the resources available online to determine the level of coverage, compare rates, check the insurance company’s financial stability and find a policy that best suits your needs and your budget.