May 10, 2014

How Searching For Quotes Gets You Better Service From Your Auto Insurance Provider

No one wants to change their car insurance provider if they don’t have to. Familiar systems and claims procedures, coupled with discounts that may have been received for long years of loyalty, make it difficult for consumers to consider switching to a new insurance provider, even if there is a need for one. Consumers are especially reluctant to change providers if it is simply a lack of service they are receiving, rather than an out and out failure on the part of the company to provide a payout or deal with a claim. What many clients do not realize, however, is that by searching for a new car insurance quote, they may be able to increase the level of service they receive from their current company – all without switching.

The new Internet 2.0 landscape has made it easier than ever to find a great car insurance quote using insurance Web sites, comparison Web sites, and even social media. For a client looking to find a new car insurance quote, a few simple clicks is all it will take in order to find a plethora of options, each with different policy features and discounts. Most sites will also come with the ability to request a custom quote that is tailored to the specific needs of a client and their vehicles. Simply searching for insurance quotes can be a great way to see what other options are available, all without even speaking to a current provider. Once a bank of quotes has been built, the next step in getting better service is to call the current insurance provider.

The idea here isn’t to threaten or cajole, but simply let the provider know what other options are available online for the same number of drivers, vehicles, etc. By presenting a list of quotes that demonstrate improved service and reliability, many consumers can give their insurance companies reason to change or improve their current policy. In some cases, it may simply be that an insurance company is too focused on recruiting new customers that it neglects those who have been loyal, and the knowledge that these customers have been looking elsewhere is often enough to change their tune. In other cases, a company may encourage a client to leave if they have found better deals – be prepared for this – if a play is made for better insurance quotes, it is a good idea to know that better options are actually waiting.

With only a small amount of searching, insurance customers can find new quotes to match or equal their current ones, and can often use these to encourage better service from their insurance providers.