July 5, 2015

Ways To Seek Compensation For Injuries Outside Of Car Insurance Claims

When a driver goes looking for car insurance, they will often see bold statements indicating that the company will fight diligently on their behalf when it comes to getting a fair settlement for their car or for injury compensation. In reality, many companies are less voracious than they make themselves out to be and will often settle with another insurance provider, leaving a driver stuck with bills they cannot pay or injuries they cannot manage. In such cases, where injury compensation given by companies is not on par with injuries suffered by a driver, there are a number of options that are available in order to recover costs.

The first is approaching the other driver himself or herself and asking for assistance with the injury. It is important to understand that the driver is under no obligation to listen to or respond to this request, and will probably not due to the inherent potential for fraud. Still, this is the simplest method with the shortest time-line and can be successful in the right circumstances. A driver also has the choice to take the insurance company before the state insurance commission if they believe the settlement they were given was unfair or did not follow the stipulations laid out in their policy agreement. In some cases, even the threat of such arbitration by the insurance commission will be enough to convince an insurance company to change their tune and offer a more comprehensive injury compensation package.

If the challenge is unsuccessful, the only other option left to an insured is to use the court system. Civil systems in many cases are quite robust, so long as the state does not operate under “no fault” laws. If they do, it will not be possible to sue the other driver or their insurance company for any damages not covered. There are three ways to pursue civil action for an injured driver. The first is to sue their own insurance company for failing to provide the proper coverage at the time of the injury. The second is to sue the other party’s insurance company for failing to payout or payout a reasonable amount, and the third is to sue the other party directly. This may be necessary if the other party has no insurance or if the have been dropped by their insurance company. In any case, be prepared to retain a lawyer and be ready for a long struggle as insurance companies are notorious for fighting tooth and nail in court.

While getting the right injury compensation can be difficult, there are a number of car insurance quotes for drivers who feel that they have not been given their just due.