August 23, 2016

Tips For Transcending Typical Car Insurance Rates

Many automobile insurance companies offer a free online car insurance quote to their site visitors, making insurance comparison-shopping much easier than it was before computers and the Internet became so prevalent. There are even companies online whose business it is to give you a handy way of comparing multiple quotes from several different insurance providers, making the job of finding out typical car insurance rates even easier. These quotes, however, are just general estimates of what one’s insurance costs should be, since there are so many factors affecting true policy cost that aren’t covered by a quick online car insurance quote.

There are various ways that typical car insurance rates can be raised or lowered, depending upon specific factors applicable to the person applying for coverage. As a general rule, having a faster or sportier car will increase someone’s rates, as will having numerous traffic violations or accidents. Insurance companies would much rather cover a driver with no tickets and no accidents since statistically, their risk exposure is less with these policyholders. That is one reason why younger drivers typically have increased car insurance costs since statistically; they are much more liable to cause a financial loss to the insurer by making a claim against their policy.

There are numerous ways to transcend typical car insurance rates that will not only save money on insurance premiums but also, theoretically, produce safer drivers. Enrolling in a defensive driving course or a driver’s education program at school is one example. Most automobile insurance providers give a discount to a driver who has successfully completed one of these courses. The graduate of one of these safety courses should, also, as a result of the training received, become a more capable and safer vehicle operator.

Another way to lower typical car insurance rates is to buy a car that the insurance companies consider less of a risk to insure. Fast and flashy cars cost more to insure than slower, more sedate looking cars because they are more likely to be involved in some type of incident that causes a claim. Not only do the make and model of a car have a bearing on this but also, for some insurance companies, even the color of a car will have an effect on the cost of coverage. Another factor is how likely it is that a particular model of car will be stolen.

An online car insurance quote doesn’t consider all these factors but is meant to give a more general figure that can be used in comparing one policy to another. Many things can affect the cost of car insurance, even the neighborhood in which one lives.