April 20, 2021

What To Look Out For In A High Pressure Car Insurance Sales Pitch

A high pressure car insurance sales pitch can cause customers to make decisions that do not lead to their satisfaction, such as committing to car insurance premiums they cannot afford. It can also cause car insurance salespeople to lose sales when customers feel overwhelmed and walk away. They may also have future customer concerns if they do gain new customers through their high pressure sales pitch but are unable to satisfy them with the sale in the long run.

Salespeople may feel pressured to sell in order to meet high sales quotas or earn commission. When this pressure influences their sales pitch, they are ineffectively passing on the pressure to their customers.

Customers on the receiving end of a high pressure sales pitch can be negatively affected by this pressure. Faced with the decision of purchasing a car insurance policy without the opportunity to explore their options and think it over, they may become overwhelmed and leave. Or, they may make a purchase that is not right for them. Car insurance customers should look out for high pressure sales pitches that are not tailored to their needs, over-promise or do not offer enough solid information.

In the midst of a high pressure sales pitch, car insurance salespeople can forget to tailor their selling strategy to each customer’s needs. Rather than getting caught up in making the case for an expensive product, salespeople should take time to discover their customer’s needs and match them carefully to the most appropriate policy.

This focus on sales may also lead sales staff to focus on the benefits without considering how they will apply to a specific customer. A high pressure sales pitch may not take into consideration whether or not the individual customer will be able to take advantage of all the car insurance premium being promoted has to offer. This can lead to dissatisfaction in the long run when the customer feels that the sales staff over-promised and did not deliver.

High pressure sales pitches often require customers to make quick decisions. While this can lead to quick sales, it can also result in loss of sales or customer dissatisfaction over time. Customers who feel overwhelmed and unable to make an immediate selection may choose not to buy from high pressure salespeople. Customers who do make a quick decision may later regret their choice as they did not have time to truly evaluate their selection and make the best one for them.

To avoid negative results of a high pressure sales pitch, car insurance salespeople should tailor their product promotion to each customer, and provide each customer with ample information and time to make a decision they will be confident in.