Chubb Corporation Insurance Company

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When the Chubb Corporation Insurance Company first opened its doors in 1882, they were best known for their marine insurance products. Since then, they have built up their services and have branched out to many different areas of insurance. They are now renowned around the world for not only providing marine insurance but also casualty and property coverage. Chubb currently employs well over 10,000 people and distributes their insurance products through approximately 8,500 brokers and independent agents. With offices located in nearly 30 different countries, they clearly have a great global presence.

Chubb Corporation Insurance Company is not your average insurance company. Holding on to the knowledge that each individual and company is unique, they create custom packages to suit the needs of each specific group. Recognizing that the affluent have different needs than others, the Chubb Corporation Insurance Company caters to their particular lifestyles by providing coverage for high end possessions.

The Chubb Corporation Insurance Company prides itself on three main aspects: its focus on customer service, financial stability, and locality. They are not a faceless corporation; they are located close to the customers who need their services. Chubb insures both business and personal assets, placing their attention mostly on high end products. On the business front, Chubb Corporation Insurance Company provides tailored insurance packages for companies such as law firms, wineries, museums, and banks. For personal customers, Chubb Corporation Insurance Company protects distinguished and unique homes, automobiles, yachts, and valuable possessions such as artwork, jewelry, antiques, and fine wines. People who have a large amount of disposable income tend to purchase vacation homes, condos, or second homes in various locations.

If someone is injured on your property, they can initiate a lawsuit which could potentially cost you millions of dollars. The Chubb Corporation Insurance Company can save you time, money, and hassles with extra liability coverage. This offsets a settlement should you be found negligent for an injury.

Chubb Corporation Insurance Company also protects companies with their risk management services. Risk management entails identifying and finding ways to manage risk and save money. All sized companies, non-profit organizations and trade associations benefit from their services. Insurance companies deal in risk, which is the possibility of financial loss. When they conduct risk management services, they help to determine what can go wrong financially with the company and how they should address these possibilities.