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The Farm Bureau Insurance Company traces its origins to the 1930s and the Great Depression. In 1939; the Iowa chapter of the Farm Bureau created the Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company to assist in meeting the needs of its members. Over time; various state-level farm bureaus have chosen to meld their operations with the larger company; and in 1996 the company moved onto the New York stock exchange. Today; the Farm Bureau Insurance Company; headquartered in Des Moines; Iowa; has over 2,000 exclusive agents and 18,000 independent agents selling insurance to people and corporations all over the nation. The company has expanded far beyond its original mandate; and has diversified in areas such as Farm Bureau auto insurance; life insurance; and liability insurance.

The company uses the same logo as the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF); an organization created in 1919 to help make farming a more profitable industry by sharing information and improving farming community conditions. When the Farm Bureau Insurance Company was founded in 1939; they took this mandate to heart; intending to provide reasonable insurance rates to farmers to help cover the costs of machine repair and farming injury. As the need for automotive; life and property insurance rose; the company opened its doors to the public; but retained the dedication and commitment it had toward its original members.

This company has consistently received high ratings for their financial stability; and recently received an award from A.M. Best for achieving a rating of A” or higher consistently over the past 50 years; despite economic hardships; loss; and changing financial markets. What this means for consumers is that the Farm Bureau insurance company has a long history of staying fiscally solvent; and is on track to continue to remain strong and secure. Farm Bureau auto insurance has multiple available discounts; including student rates; multiple policy discounts when combined with a home or liability policy; and safe driver benefits for those that demonstrate a consistent pattern of safety and reliability. In addition to covering cars; the Farm Bureau also covers farm equipment; boats; golf carts; snowmobiles; RVs; and motorcycles. The company also offers the option to add roadside assistance to vehicle policies; which provides 24/7 assistance in case a tow is needed or a flat tire needs to be replaced.

For more than 65 years; the Farm Bureau Corporation has dedicated itself to offering high-quality insurance products along with investment opportunities to all of its clients. Taking the dedication and grit of American farmers as their inspiration; the company is committed to providing quality insurance products to the nation.


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