Grange Insurance Company

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The Grange Insurance company is located in Columbus, Ohio, and serves over 10 Midwestern states with a variety of insurance products including home, auto, business and life insurance. Currently worth over 1.3 billion dollars and with a customer surplus just passing 2 billion dollars, the Grange Insurance company is on its way up in a market that has seen any number of financial collapses in the past five years. In order to maintain its fiscal solvency and staying power, Grange has chosen to employ an independent agent model in which local agents are authorized to sell Grange auto insurance and other products directly to consumers.

This means that the same people who sell auto insurance to those in Columbus, Minneapolis, or Chicago live in the area, and know what types of products and services will best fit the needs of its customers. By taking their business out of the stale world of corporate offices and 1-800 numbers, Grange has attempted to put a human face back on the insurance industry and let customers deal with their agents face-to-face, knowing that they drive the same streets, live in the same neighborhoods and face the same challenges. As evidenced by its strong financial portfolio and an A” rating from A.M. Best, Grange insurance shows no signs of slowing down.

In addition to fiscal solvency, Grange is also committed to customer care. In 2008, 96 percent of their customers said they would have no problems recommending Grange to their friends or families and this is in large part due to the level and speed of service customers receive. One month after the destruction of Hurricane Ike struck the Midwest, 90% of all Grange auto insurance and home insurance claims were settled and this quick turnaround combined with the fact that the average Grange employee has over ten years on the job makes the claims process as streamlined as possible.

Grange is also committed to community improvement and created one of the first urban Audubon centers in the United States, which is a large outdoor facility used to help children learn about and understand nature. Through its network of local agents, large array of products and commitment to American communities, Grange seeks to strike a balance between the corporate practice of insurance and the inevitable human side of the equation. With local claims service available coupled with numerous discounts and multiple payment options, buying from Grange can be not only simple but secure as well knowing that should a claim ever arise, help is located where you need it most – at home.