Mercury Insurance Company

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When it comes to purchasing insurance for our homes, vehicles or even ourselves, cost is usually the biggest issue on our minds. However, low cost isn’t beneficial unless it comes with enough coverage to protect you fully. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Mercury Insurance Company prides itself on providing both to their customers.

Mercury Insurance Company first opened its doors and began providing insurance products to customers in 1962. They deal with automobile insurance and homeowners insurance, covering both the dwelling and contents inside. Located in California, Mercury Insurance Company is fast becoming one of the leading insurance companies in the state. They also provide insurance products in several other states. They strive to make the claims process run smoothly and efficiently for customers, ensuring that everything runs hassle-free by providing 24/7 claims service.

Price is a main selling point with Mercury Insurance Company. Mercury auto insurance offers several discounts, such as good driver, multi-car, anti-theft, multi-product and good student discounts. Normally, an auto insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for mechanical breakdowns, covering only damages from an accident, theft, fire or animal collision. However, Mercury auto insurance can offer additional coverage such as 24-hour Roadside Assistance, a rental vehicle, tire protection and trip interruption coverage. Otherwise, you may find yourself sitting on the side of a road having to pay large amounts of money out of pocket. This coverage is similar to an extended warranty.

Mercury Insurance Company doesn’t just deal with personal lines of business – they also handle the commercial side of things by offering commercial auto insurance and commercial business insurance. They provide a variety of insurance products that cater to different needs. Businesses that can benefit from Mercury Insurance Company include everything from retail, wholesale, farmers, and contractors. Insurance products for businesses include liability as well as the building and contents.

A huge concern for most individuals is being named in a liability lawsuit that can potentially cost them millions. Without adequate insurance coverage, these funds will have to be paid out of pocket. Many people these days are quick to sue over any incident, so it is a smart move to protect yourself and your family against a possible financial loss. This insurance comes into play if your dog bites a neighbor’s child, someone slips on ice in your driveway or you are found to be at fault for an automobile accident that severely injures someone else. Mercury Insurance Company provides an umbrella insurance policy that will give you extra coverage for your auto or home insurance policy to protect you against such an incident.