Nationwide Insurance Company

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Of all the large insurance companies that operate in the United States, few are as widespread as Nationwide. Nationwide Insurance has been in existence for well over 80 years and has emerged as one of the largest insurance families operating in the global market today. Serving everything from life insurance to auto insurance and other property policies, Nationwide is a household name in the insurance industry and will likely remain as such for decades to come.

This insurance company began in 1925 with the creation of the Farm Bureau Automobile Insurance Company in Ohio. Its goal is to provide effective and affordable automobile insurance for farmers in Ohio. Within two years, the company expanded into four other states and by 1943, it was operating in 12 states plus the District of Columbia.

In 1955, Nationwide Insurance took a step forward and changed its name to its current title after expanding coverage to 20 western states, thus becoming a truly nationwide company. The next forty years saw the company branch out even further into other fields in the insurance industry, from agricultural insurance to financial insurance in 1997 with the creation of Nationwide Financial.

Currently, Nationwide exists as a true, interconnected family of insurance companies that specialize in a broad variety of fields within insurance. All operate under the Nationwide umbrella, yet target various forms of insurance and different regions across the globe. True to its origins as an auto coverage underwriter, Nationwide auto insurance is one of the main components of the Nationwide network.

Nationwide auto insurance claims to offer several advantages to the consumer with their services. One mainstay of service offered by Nationwide in the realm of auto insurance is their Nationwide Blue Ribbon SM claim services. This system is designed to offer a written guarantee on any repairs that need to be made to a vehicle as well as a national network of pre-screened and pre-certified repair shops that meet Nationwide standards. Nationwide also offers “AutoWatch” – a program online that allows you to check up on the status of your repairs as they occur.

This company also offers a wide selection of discounts for an automotive insurance policy that can provide substantial savings for qualified customers. One discount in particular that Nationwide offers that others may not is a Farm Bureau Member Discount. Nationwide also offers the usual discounts found with most other major providers. In short, Nationwide offers services to live up to its slogan: “Nationwide is on your side.”