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Sentry Insurance has existed for over a century; and in that time; they’ve dedicated themselves to three key principles – strength; protection; and vigilance. Founded in 1904 by the Wisconsin Retail Hardware Association to provide insurance coverage to its members; the company has grown into a national retailer of home; auto; and life insurance.

The symbol of the Sentry insurance company is a statue of Captain John Parker; an American patriot and the leader of the first band of militiamen to fight during the War of Independence. On April 19; 1775; Captain Parker led a group of 77 militiamen who stood their ground against the famed British troops. Though outnumbered; the men and Captain Parker refused to flee; and gave strength to the burgeoning revolution taking place within in the borders of this new America.”

100 years later; Sentry Insurance remains committed to honoring three of the traits displayed by these brave men. Their strength is represented by the company’s financial stability – as of December 2009; the company had over $3 billion in customer surplus and $10 billion in assets. Coupled with an A+ rating from A.M. Best; this gives Sentry auto insurance; home insurance; and life insurance the stamp of both quality and endurance. Sentry also focuses on protection. Captain Parker and his men fought to protect those who would become Americans; and Sentry still fights to protect all of those that reside on American soil. The company is dedicated to resolving claims quickly; and over 1 million Americans put their trust in Sentry.

Sentry also chooses to take on the trait of vigilance; represented by a high standard of conduct that every employee must adhere to. The goal of the company is to ensure that each customer is treated with respect and with a level of ethical decision-making that is on par with any of the great American war heroes.

Operating in every state in the Union; Sentry offers a host of options; from their renowned Sentry auto insurance policies; to more specialized services such as policies for high-risk drivers; motorcycle insurance; auto insurance with cash rewards; and even preferred driver insurance that comes with extra benefits if seatbelts are worn or if an accident with another Sentry-insured vehicle occurs. Not all programs are available in every state; but Sentry does its best to offer the highest quality insurance products to the widest base of consumers.

In the current insurance climate; finding a company such as Sentry that not only has history; but a proven track record and substantial assets to carry it forward is essential for piece of mind.


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