June 2, 2010

3 Auto Improvements To Lower Your Premium

The auto insurance premium you actually end up getting billed for can easily end up costing more than your initial auto insurance quote. If money isn't exactly growing on trees for you, you'll be left to scramble around trying to find ways to lower your auto insurance premium to fit your budget again. Performing a few simple modifications on your vehicle can make it significantly safer and more protected from the risks which make it a liability to insurance companies-and which make it more expensive for you. Ask for an auto insurance quote saying you're driving a car that reduces fatalities, collisions, and theft, and you'll get a lower one for sure.

Electronic brake assist is a simple, but very effective, tool. The driving situations we are used to in our everyday life simply don't contain anything which can really prepare us for navigating the split-second decisions needed to be made in order to avoid an imminent collision. Everyday people are caught off guard in these situations and do one simple thing wrong: they don't apply the brakes hard enough, and fast enough, to stop their vehicle. Electronic brake assist notices the signs which indicate an emergency: suddenly letting off the gas will prepare the device, and then suddenly pressing the brakes harder than usual will activate it, adding a lot of force to the brakes and stopping your vehicle before you have time to think about it. This will lower your premium for good reason: it saves lives.

Installing anti-theft devices is also a good idea. A particularly effective form of theft prevention is the immobilizer, a small device that stays in your car and responds to the presence (or absence) of an identifying key or key fob. If someone attempts to start or hot-wire your car without this key, the immobilizer won't allow any fuel to run, thus preventing ignition. A frustrated criminal will have no choice but to move on.

Replacing basic parts with safer versions can make a big difference overall. For instance, by replacing steel wheels with alloy ones; you make your entire car more prepared for road shock and g-forces. Alloy wheels reduce the amount of weight in your car that isn't supported by the suspension ("un-sprung weight"), creating much better handling. Your tires will be lighter and thus more gas efficient, and your brakes will even cool down faster because of alloy's ability to dissipate heat extremely quickly.

For once, your desires are the same as your insurance provider's. Anything that makes you or others safer on the road is obviously a good thing, right? This just happens to be a good thing that can save you money.