August 9, 2022

Finding The Best Auto Insurance For Seniors Over 65

Auto insurance for senior citizens is the product of a gradually growing number of drivers over 65 and the increasing amount of competition for business by insurance companies. Seniors have extensive driving histories that insurers can use to determine what kind of risk they might be taking by offering seniors’ auto insurance policies.

Seniors with solid driving records can expect to receive decent auto insurance rates. One way to compare the quotes offered by various insurance companies is to go online and examine what’s available. There are many companies to choose from, and virtually all of them are eager to hear from senior drivers. Try to avoid getting caught up in an effort to examine every company presenting their services on the Internet. Focus on a few that provide the coverage you prefer and let them all know you’re looking for an affordable policy that comes with excellent customer service. You don’t have to accept anything less.

Seniors can qualify for certain discounts no matter what their ages might be. Some companies even go so far as to grant additional discounts to drivers over 65 or who have retired. One discount in particular involves giving seniors a defensive driving premium break. Taking a defensive driving course not only sharpens driving skills, it can also bring about an attractive reduction for a senior’s auto insurance costs. More than two-thirds of the states in America now demand that insurance companies provide lower prices for seniors who complete a defensive driving course.

As drivers grow older, many of them tend to drive fewer miles. That means less wear and tear on their cars and less chances that accidents will occur. Check with the insurance companies to determine if not driving as much gets special prices. Not all companies have the same discount provisions, so be ready to take your business elsewhere if a particular firm doesn’t satisfy your needs. Although this next money-saving item applies to all policyholders, it still deserves mention as a senior money saver. Seniors driving older model cars should seriously consider dropping comprehensive and/or collision coverage.

Another way for seniors to control auto insurance premiums is to bundle the various policies a household might have in place as individual units. Use your existing relationship with an insurance company to bargain for better rates across the board. Inquire about the cost for various insurance policies: homeowners, health, car, life, etc. that could be packaged together as one policy. If the company you currently deal with doesn’t come up with a suitable offer, go online again and find a more helpful insurer.